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Wedding Dresses | Serene Gown at Vancouver Bridal Shops | Elika In Love

The moon reminds us that no matter where we are, we all look at the same sky and see the same moon.
Bride in lace wedding dress standing on beach..Bride showing off her shoulder in a wedding dress on a black sand beach..
Bride wearing a lace bell sleeve wedding dress in Bali..
Bride with her hands above her head showing her bell sleeve wedding dress.
Wedding Gown Shopping | Size Guide


Tips on shopping for your wedding dress! Please choose the size closest to your own measurements from the options below. If in between sizes, select one size bigger so that alterations can be done by a professional tailor.  Be sure to have a knowledgeable person take your measurements so that you may select the most accurate size.  Also allow yourself enough time to have alterations done by a professional tailor once you've received your dress.  The standard amount of time for alterations to be completed is usually one month before your wedding day.
Size 2 - 32" bust 24" waist 34" hip
Size 4 - 33" bust 26" waist 36" hip
Size 6 - 34" bust 27" waist 37" hip
Size 8 - 36" bust 29" waist 39" hip
Size 10 - 38" bust 31" waist 41" hip
Size 12 - 41" bust 34" waist 44" hip