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Modern Wedding Dress - Alectra Gown

November 21, 2019

Modern Wedding Dress - Alectra Gown

Modern Wedding Dress

When were you first inspired to design the Alectra gown, and where did the inspiration come from?

"I wanted to create a modern wedding dress that was made from unusual lace that was very organic and full of empty space, and it’s exactly what this lace is like! The Alectra gown was based off of the Rhodes gown, but with a plunging neckline, mermaid fitted skirt, and cut from the most gorgeous lace. Some gowns are so heavy on the flowers from head to toe, and I wanted to make something that felt light and airy while also being made from a distinct, non-traditional lace. I also wanted to offer an affordable wedding dress that was modern and very wearable. The lace of this gown looks a little like coral in the sea, or even little leaves reaching out to the sun, which I love!"


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What kind of ELIKA bride is the Alectra gown made for? 

"This gown is perfect for the ELIKA bride who has a figure 8 silhouette and wants to accentuate her curves! She wants to look sexy and modern in her wedding dress, while having the option to wear a bra for extra support. This style enhances the hips and looks incredible when you dance in her! Just look at the photos!"


What is the most important design element of this gown to you? Did you design around this feature or did it come organically?

"The lightness of the skirt was the most important to me, but as you can see, there were a few iterations of the Alectra before one clear design was finalized (can anyone say crop top?!). I wanted to have light tulle draping from the middle of the skirt to the hemline, which is unusual in a world of heavy scalloped edge lace gowns. It was important to create a gown that you could wear a bra with, but could also be revealing but in a supportive sort of way! I also wanted to add a strapless mermaid wedding dress to the collection, as this silhouette looks amazing on curvy brides that want to show off their figure, and that's exactly what the Alectra gown does!"


How did you decide on the fabric?

"I was specifically looking for fabric like the Alectra lace, and when I found it in Vancouver I knew I had found the lace for this design. The lace looked wild, with plant like embroidery reaching out towards the sun, which the Alectra is named after!"


Why did you name her Alectra?

"Alectra was designed from the original Rhodes gown, who in Greek mythology is actually the mother of Alectra. It’s the perfect name for this gown as Alectra is Goddess of the Sun, and the organic motifs in the lace really look like they are reaching for the life-sustaining rays of the sun. "


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Wedding Gown Shopping | Size Guide


Tips on shopping for your wedding dress! Please choose the size closest to your own measurements from the options below. If in between sizes, select one size bigger so that alterations can be done by a professional tailor.  Be sure to have a knowledgeable person take your measurements so that you may select the most accurate size.  Also allow yourself enough time to have alterations done by a professional tailor once you've received your dress.  The standard amount of time for alterations to be completed is usually one month before your wedding day.
Size 2 - 32" bust 24" waist 34" hip
Size 4 - 33" bust 26" waist 36" hip
Size 6 - 34" bust 27" waist 37" hip
Size 8 - 36" bust 29" waist 39" hip
Size 10 - 38" bust 31" waist 41" hip
Size 12 - 41" bust 34" waist 44" hip