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When were you first inspired to design the Gaia gown, and where did the inspiration come from?

"This bridal gown was originally inspired by the runways of Paris and all the haute couture shows that I follow on Instagram and Vogue. I wanted a sophisticated gown that was glamorous and sultry in a secretive, sort of shy way but with the air of a Queen. When you wear the Gaia gown you’re almost completely covered in lace, which is very traditional, but with the low cut slip and fitted silhouette this long sleeve lace gown showcases the female form beautifully with just a hint of sexy. "
What kind of ELIKA bride is the Gaia gown made for? 

"This wedding dress is made for the confident, strong, yet demure ELIKA bride. The lace is very intricately beaded throughout, and since the motif is leaves instead of flowers it really is for a bride who wants to stand out while also having full coverage."


What is the most important design element of this gown to you? Did you design around this feature or did it come organically?

"I wanted to design a gown that felt more...regal. The Full Moon Collection needed a wedding dress that wasn’t fussy or overtly sexy. This gown was designed for an elegant bride who wants a traditional gown that’s still sexy and unique. And that bead work and the way it fits the!"

How did you decide on the fabric?

"The lace of the Gaia gown is really unique and photographs SO WELL. It’s a little thicker and hangs really well, and it doesn’t cling to the shows off your curves just right. I knew this fabric needed to be cut into a sheath long sleeve gown; the rest of the design just followed!"

Why did you name her Gaia?

"I think this is the most sophisticated of gowns in the newest collection; she seems wise and strong, and so is the Mother Goddess of the Earth. It seems a perfect name for such a prestigious and luxurious gown such as the Gaia!"


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