Bohemian Wedding Dresses - Serene Gown

Bohemian Wedding Dresses

When were you first inspired to design the Serene gown, and where did the inspiration come from?

"This gown was inspired by my clients! Bride after bride kept coming into the studio asking for flowing bohemian bridal dresses with long bell sleeves. I had to follow the hearts of my clients and give them what they wanted, and wow, what a bridal gown! Serene is perfect for a bohemian wedding as she’s one of the most unique wedding dresses I’ve ever made."
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What kind of ELIKA bride is the Serene gown made for? 

"This wedding gown is for the ELIKA bride who is channelling that inner goddess; she’s looking for an exceptionally romantic and dramatic wedding dress. This dress would look equally beautiful in a bohemian wedding setting on a beach or even a rustic or polished indoor wedding venue. Those long sleeves...the 3D lace and bead work really captures the light and the organic threads and ethereal feel to the lace is beyond luxury."

What is the most important design element of this gown to you? Did you design around this feature or did it come organically?

"The most important element of this gown, to start, was the bell sleeves and the hippie vibe. I wanted to have a gown that was sexy and playful at the same time. Balancing the design elements of flowiness with a low cut front and back bodice showcasing subtle hints of skin while simultaneously allowing for great coverage."


How did you decide on the fabric?

"I chose the fabric way before the design was finalized. It really just blew my mind and I knew I needed to make something stunning from this lace. It was just too special! The moment I saw this gorgeous, intricately detailed lace with beadwork, raw edge thread that looks like feathers, 3D flowers and negative space created into the fabric design I knew I was in love. It’s very difficult to find unique lace that looks like this, especially one that can look so non-traditional yet also very “bridal” once created into a gown (especially paired with an ivory slip). I envisioned designing a skirt with embroidery along the hemline so that it would create a very flowing and couture shape. You can see in the photo shoot in Bali how the weight of the embroidery along the hemline really pronounces the shape of the skirt, and that’s exactly what I wanted. The tulle of the skirt is so soft and weightless, it pairs perfectly with the embroidery and creates a bridal gown that has an authenticity all its own."


Why did you name her Serene?

"Serene is the Goddess of the Moon, and when I think of this gown I imagine all the hidden secrets of the lace, with it’s unexpected sequins that shine just right at the perfect angle and the depth of the motif. It’s like the moon, and how you can look at it and feel like you can almost see textures and silhouettes through space. Also, the bell sleeves and the goddess like qualities of the silhouette itself really lend itself well to be named after one of the most prominent and constant forces of nature that we see and can appreciate almost every day of our lives! I would be so excited if a bride decided to get married in this gown under a full moon...can you imagine??" 


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